Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve, popularly referred to as “allure of natural beauty” offers the most memorable marine adventure experiences. The marine park is set along the scenic Mombasa shores, accessible 15 km North of Mombasa Island away from Nyali, Shanzu and Bamburi beaches. It is a rich destination with marine ecosystems and prides itself of incredible tranquility.

Mombasa Marine Park spans 210 and largely features coral reefs. It was created in 1986 purposely to shelter its beautiful coral reefs (including acropora, brain coral, pavona coral, favia and more). The park features sandy beaches; palm trees, and lies next to the ocean. This is one of the most preferred destinations by tourists visiting Kenya for a holiday.


Mombasa Marine NP is a marine park found in Mombasa District, along the Coast Province, offshore of Mombasa town.


Mombasa Marine Park was gazetted as a park in 1986. Its establishment was to protect its natural resource, especially the coral reefs and marine life. Because of poaching and fishing practices, nighttime patrols were launched to reduce the practice and ban on fishing was also introduced in 1992.  In 1994, the area was fully protected area when poaching completely ceased.

The marine life in the park

The different marine species that survive in Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve include sea star, jelly fish, lion fish, crabs, urchins, turtles, and more. There are also coral reefs consisting of acropora, porites, and turbinaria, etc. Additionally, the park also shelters several dolphins (humpback dolphin, spinner dolphin, and bottle nose dolphins), hawksbill, sharks, green sea turtles, octopus, stone fish, leatherback turtle, logger head turtles and more.

Different tourism activities to do in Mombasa Marine N/Park


Snorkeling is one of the remarkable adventures awaiting you on Mombasa Marine NP safari. This largely includes sailing in the Indian Ocean water in a glass bottom boat to encounter the aquatic species. During snorkeling experience, you have opportunity to spot marine life including urchins, lion fish, sea horses, lion fish, and many others.

Boat riding

Boat riding allows visitors to enjoy the endless views of the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean. If you enjoy taking pictures then this is one of the experiences you should count a must-do.

Sun bathing

Mombasa Marine Park is found along the Indian Ocean and offers tourists a chance to enjoy sun bathing along its sandy beaches.


Mombasa Marine NP also provides the best of scuba diving experience. This is done at any time of the year given the calm state of lagoons in the park. The temperature rise in the water often ranges from 25 to 31 degrees celsius and divers can enjoy the adventure in the shallow water. All categories of divers can engage in this adventure or even embark on night dives.

Marine life viewing

If you are interested in marine game viewing, then Mombasa NP is the right place to visit. A variety of marine life can be spotted here including lion fish, sea cucumbers, multicolored angel fish, sea horses, urchins and more.

Entry fees for Mombasa NP

Adults can pay Kshs 100 and children Kshs 100 to have access to Mombasa Marine N/Park. The foreign nonresidents pay USD 15 and children are charged USD 10.

When to visit the park

Mombasa Marine NP doors are open to visitors all year round, but often different activities are better done depending on the specific time. If you are interested in watching the humpback whales migration, then the best time to be at the park is around June to December. Scuba diving or snorkeling is perfectly done from October to March while anglers can visit the park from August to October.